Why an earth-friendly goods store?

When some Native American tribes were confronted with a significant decision, the  tribal elders would gather in a circle to consider the best course to follow.  Into this circle, they would place two young children of the tribe.  And then they would ask, "How will this decision affect these children's grandchildren?" 

Now that is taking the long view!  And it's a good view to take and a good way to live.  In the midst of all the demands imposed by day to day life, we need also to be thinking of those who will come after us, and living so as to preserve the good earth for them.  This is the principle that undergirds Love Your Mother: Earth Friendly Goods.

Love Your Mother is a variety store, and our wide range of products are made from recycled, natural, or organic materials.  Products made from recycled material--whether paper, glass, rubber, or wood--reduce the amount of nonrenewable resources we consume, and therefore insure that those resources will be available for generations to come.  Natural and organic products--whether for cleaning or personal care or pets or clothing--are better for our health as they reduce our exposure to artificial, and often dangerous, chemicals.  These products are also derived from renewable resources, most often plants, and reduce our irreversible impact on the earth, our home. 

So, the products sold at Love Your Mother are better for us, better for our children, and better for the earth upon which all life depends.