Our products

Please come to our store to see our wide variety of organic, natural and recycled products!

Personal Care Items

Products:  Shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes (made from recycled plastic), massage oils, aromatherapy bath salts, makeup, menstrual cups, sun screen and more!

Manufacturers:  Burt's Bees, Kiss My Face, Bag Balm, Dr. Bronner's, Badger, Tom's of Maine, Aura Cacia, Grandpa's Soaps and others.

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Products: Heirloom and organic seeds, organic fertilizers and pest control.

Manufacturers: Safer, Fedco, Peace of Mind

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Household Goods

Products: Recycled glass from Italy and Mexico, wine glasses made from wine bottles, bamboo plates and utensils, soy and beeswax candles, llama wool rugs, adirondack chairs made from downhill skis and from recycled plastic, doormats and wastebaskets made from tires, and more.

Manufacturers: Global Amici, Green Glass, Bambu, Lumia Organics, Cheeky Bee, Polywood and others.

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Paper Supplies

Products:  Amazing greeting cards, stationery made from topographic maps, recycled paper notebooks, mailers, copy paper, file folders, recycled steel paperclips, journals made from tree-free paper, and more.

Manufacturers: Artists to Watch, New England Cartographic, Acorn, Greentree Paper and others.

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Products:  Natural cat and dog treats and food(wet and dry), shampoos, flea and tick treatments and more.

Manufacturers: Felidae, Candidae, Dr. Ackerman's and others.

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Cleaning Supplies

Products: Paper towels and bath tissue made from recycled paper, lamb's wool dusters, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, all-purpose cleaners, toilet cleaner, Creamy Cleanser, shower cleaner, furniture polish, laundry detergent, window cleaner, air fresheners, and more.

Manufacturers: Earth Friendly Products, Fiesta, Bi-O-Kleen, Omi and others.

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Products:  Hemp tee shirts, clay-dyed tee shirts, hemp bags, organic cotton baby clothing, baby slings, EcoFiber vests, organic cotton dresses and more.

Manufacturers:  Goodhumans, Earth Creations, Hempmania, Under the Nile, Over the Shoulder, Deva and others.

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Products: Earth flags, earth balls, Buddha Boards, BYO Bags, Soy Lube, and more!

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